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Dale King

PSKC, Doc Spartan,

Team Some

Assembly Required

Crossfit Level 1, USAW Olympic Lifting Certified Coach, Training Room Bodyweight/Kettlebell Certified Trainer, Crossfit Kettlebell/Tactical Athlete Certified, Unbeatable Mind Graduate, Gym Jones Fundamentals, CrossFit Gymnastics


I’m the fortunate founder and proud owner of PSKC, President of Team Some Assembly Required , and co-owner of Doc Spartan. Born and raised in Portsmouth, I moved away to attend college and serve in the US Army. Upon leaving the military as a former US Army Captain and Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom III & IV, I came back home where I opened the doors to PSKC. Since that time, I’ve worked with and coached individuals ranging from all ages, abilities, disciplines, and backgrounds. I’ve trained high school and college level athletic teams, military units, and adaptive athletes.

My passion is helping people become awesome. Far too often people have settled for the mediocre/average in life because they don’t believe they are capable of extraordinary things. My mission through PSKC is to subject people to incredibly difficult and physical challenges and then provide the necessary tools to overcome these obstacles. Through the persistent conquering of challenges a more successful and strong person is built. My belief is the only way to combat the disease of weakness is with strength, passion, and unrelenting intensity.

When I’m not at PSKC, I can be found driving my dear wife crazy (who graciously allows him to spend time away from home at the gym), working on the growth of Doc Spartan, on the road with Team SAR, or playing with my best friends – Brutus and Koda our German Shepherds. I’m also a huge fan of hot coffee, cold beer, high fives, and laughs.

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