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Bill Dever

Dever Law Firm

I cannot recall the exact moment I decided to become a lawyer. Being a third generation attorney, I like to think it’s in my blood. That may not be far from the truth; there are more than one hundred years (and counting) of experience practicing law within my family. Some of my earliest memories as a child are of Saturday morning trips to the office with my old man, armed with coloring books to pass the time. 
Years later, I began my practice in the very office I once colored and played in as a child. For three years I learned the ropes from my grandfather and father before setting out on my own. I remain grateful to have been exposed to that wealth of legal knowledge and acumen. From my family I learned the most critical component of building a successful practice is not marketing or boastful advertising – the most critical component is simply being a good lawyer and doing honest work.
I took the lessons I learned practicing with my family and hung my own shingle here in Portsmouth. I truly enjoy practicing law in this town and the ability it affords me to develop very personal relationships with my clients. I routinely work with clients to solve a wide range of legal problems, from complicated property or business disputes, to messy divorces or custody battles, even murder charges. To my clients, I am, in the legal field, what their family doctor is to them in the medical field. When something goes wrong in their business or personal life, I am the first person they call and I would have it no other way.

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