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Donna Wolery

Farmers Insurance

I've been in the insurance industry for 25 years as of 2016. Anyone that knows me knows that  insurance is my true passion because I care about my clients; morever, my clients are extensions of my family. Most people don't grow up to figure out they want to be an insurance agent.  I got lucky when I graduated college I obtained a temp job working for an insurance company in claims while I figured out I wasn't going to be an educator. I absolutely loved it and learned everything and anything about insurance from that day forward.  Having come from parents that were educators and a dentist and my father being killed from a plane crash and knowing that without having life insurance in place that my life could've been totally different   I was given opportunities that maybe I wouldn't have had if my father wouldn't have had life insurance in place. My mother was able to raise 3 kids and pay for our colleges and keep us in our lifestyle and home growing up. Without that life insurance my life could've been very different and very difficult.


What makes my agency above and beyond the rest is that we take the time to develop relationships and we have real conversations.  We are not only the agency that will still make the house call but we are the agency that is future forward. My passion speaks volumes for itself and I surround myself with like minded team​ members.​

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