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Hope Blizzrd

Southern Ohio

Medical Center

As a child, my mom would always say that I never met a stranger. I should have known then that this would hold true and lead me down a career path of networking, business relationships and public relations. I didn’t realize it until after college. After I received my associate degree in the allied health profession and became a respiratory therapist, I began working in home care. I was able to meet new people daily while providing them with education of their home medical supplies/equipment. No matter the surroundings or situation, I could talk to anyone and really connect with them.  I was asked to do some marketing by my employer. What? Go talk to people I didn’t know? No problem! It was not as simple as I thought however and I wasn’t sure that it was for me, but after a few months of building relationships and meeting new people that I could help; I was certain that this was my true calling. Eighteen years later, I still love what I do. You see, building relationships and trust doesn’t happen overnight. It requires dedication and a genuine desire to make a difference. 

I have been a Medical Staff Liaison for Southern Ohio Medical Center since 2012. I work with medical providers to involve them in our communities by arranging educational presentations, television/radio interviews and introductions to other medical providers, business leaders and community members. I also promote and educate on the many service lines provided by SOMC.  Every day is an adventure. Meeting new people, forming new business relationships and promoting an EXCELLENT organization that I am proud to be employed by, makes my job so very rewarding.


“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”


Contact Hope:


(740) 981-9256

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