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Stan Jennings

Scioto Tech.

I have devoted my professional life to Career Technical education.  I attempt to be a leader in promoting more comprehensive career education for youth and adults.  In 2005 I took my current position of Superintendent of the Scioto County CTC (my alma mater) and currently still hold that position.


I began my professional career as a draftsman in Columbus Ohio at IRD Mechanalysis. Although I had already attained a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University in Industrial Technologies with an educators stamp, I found that my skills training from the vocational school was more productive in kicking my career off. I followed that experience with a 3 year teaching assignment in Piketon Ohio as an Industrial Arts teacher and another 3 year stint in Columbus as a draftsman in various engineering firms, with the last being Larsen Engineering where I left as Chief Drafter. In 1987 I returned to my high school as Drafting Instructor which began a 27 year experience as: drafting instructor, blue-print instructor for trades, engineering tech program originator and instructor, information technologies program originator and instructor, tech coordinator, adult education director, vocational director and finally superintendent.


“Scioto Tech”, which serves high school students from 12 school districts, is recognized by the state for creative and advancing programming. Scioto Tech offers a wide range of programs and services to high school students and adults, employers and the community from its campus and many feeder and satellite locations.. Each year, countless specialized training and more than 800 full time adults and 800 secondary students take advantage of Scioto Tech programs and services.


Under my team’s leadership, Scioto Tech, has developed dual enrollment courses on campus for high school students enabling them to become true Seniors to Sophomores, graduating with minimally 29 college credits; created satellite programming for more than 200 students not on the campus proper; sponsored a separate school (Southern Ohio Academy) for at risk and non-traditional learners,  doubled the population of students involved in high school career technical programming and quadrupled the adult learners and programming.


Locally, I have been affiliated with many educational, workforce and civic organizations.  These include: Rotary International (past executive director), B.P.O Elks, Community Action of Scioto County boards, WIA and WIB boards, Jobs and Family Services planning boards, the health coalition, and various advisory boards.


Statewide, I have worked with the staffs of Governors Taft, Strickland and now Kasich to improve workforce development training for youth and adults.  I sat on the 2006 OWETAC committee exploring workforce that subsequently recommended the move of adult programming to the Ohio Board of Regents. I have been active in the Ohio Association of Career-Technical Superintendents, where I have sat on many committees for various state issues and strategies. I organize and set the agenda for Career Tech Superintendents in Southeast Ohio, and I am currently on the state Superintendent of Instructions advisory group. 


Nationally, I attended the Governors National Association (Baltimore, Maryland) in 2010 representing Career Tech from the state of Ohio for then governor Ted Strickland.  


I attended Scioto County Joint Vocational School (drafting), Ohio University for my undergraduate and the University of Dayton for my Master’s degrees and subsequent licensure programming for; supervisor, principal, director and superintendence’s. 


I would like to express that in the past few years the work of the Scioto County Career Technical Center has been very successful statistically and intrinsically. I believe that the amount of state interaction through the Career Technical Superintendent group and other peripheral actions has allowed and expanded the voice of my district. In the past year we have completed a successful levy campaign, negotiated a teacher contract, sponsored a conversion school and are sitting on every important committee and board in our county. Our student population has grown exponentially (20% in secondary) and our students do well in state and national competitions. More importantly we are getting our students employed in a time where that virtually the rest of our population base is not. Finally: the largest accomplishment that I can point to is that we are relevant and our students are now thought of as well trained and desired. We feel that we have changed the culture of our school and increased the viability of our students.

Contact Stan:


(740) 259-6770

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