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Tarrah Bouts

Amelia Gray Skincare

and Cosmetics

Tarrah began her career in cosmetics 15 years ago, by working part time at a cosmetics’ counter. It was every teenage girl’s dream! However, she could not begin to imagine the journey that this would eventually turn into. Thinking she was settled on a path toward the medical field, she was stunned to learn the power she held with a makeup brush in her hand! That power created amazing transformations on the outside for her customers, that she then realized was an amazing boost for their self esteem. This warmed her heart unlike anything she had experienced before.  Feeling unsettled about her future, but with an amazing secondary education opportunity in front of her, she chose to follow her heart and pursued a degree in Business Management, knowing that a career in cosmetics and skincare was waiting for her.

After graduating from college in 2004, Tarrah immediately signed up for instruction at her local beauty academy to pursue a licensure in the field of Esthetics. Since graduating beauty school in 2005, Tarrah has had incredible training opportunities to work with top industry leaders. She has felt honored to travel and communicate with these experts from Florida, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, various parts of California, and Chicago, Illinois.


Tarrah most enjoys using all of her experiences, education, and results to provide amazing, continuous care to her clients right here in southern Ohio. She could not imagine living and working anywhere, except in the incredible Portsmouth, OH community! She specializes in various facial treatments, from relaxing to cutting edge, full body waxing, and makeup artistry.

She resides in Wheelersburg, OH, along with her husband, Ryan. The two have 2 beautiful children, Grayson and Amelia at home. Tarrah feels so fortunate to have wonderful parents, in-laws, a brother and 2 sisters (in-law), as well as a huge extended family that have been instrumental in her upbringing and always supportive of her dreams.


"That’s why I began doing makeup in the first place: I was hoping that through helping people see the beauty in themselves, I could try and find it in me."

— Kevyn Aucoin

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